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For LOVE or Country


0000 2221  4Perc + Piano + Harp + Strings


2 hours


ARTURO SANDOVAL, legendary Cuban trumpeter, composer, 10x Grammy winner and Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient, performs live the HBO film FOR LOVE OR COUNTRY: THE ARTURO SANDOVAL STORY. The film stars ANDY GARCIA, MIA MAESTRO, GLORIA ESTEFAN, and CHARLES S. DUTTON and is performed live with orchestra under the direction of acclaimed music director and concert producer ANGEL VELEZ.


Thanks to the support of Home Box Office (HBO) the film For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story returns to the big screen as a live-to-picture concert featuring Arturo Sandoval and live orchestra.  This film not only celebrates the storied life and career of one musician, but stands as a beacon of hope and solidarity for the inalienable rights of freedom for all.  Even 22 years following the release of the film, this story speaks to a new generation, both Cuban and not.  This live-to-picture concert celebrates the challenges and successes of one individual, while giving further hope and unity in the fight against injustice, surrounded by the joy of music-making of the highest caliber.

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